Top 3 new features of Salesforce.Org Non Profit Success Pack

Blogged By: Diane Steenkamp (Lead Consultant – Morphate)

Salesforce recently debuted a new release of the Nonprofit Starter Pack, which along with some great new features and enhancements, also has a new name.

Welcome to the Salesforce.Org Nonprofit Success Pack!

For those not familiar with it already, the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) was built to do exactly what the name suggests, to empower Nonprofits of all sizes to thrive with an open, flexible solution built on the platform. The NPSP allows organisations to manage donors, campaigns, volunteers, programs and grants, all in one place. No more spreadsheets, no more paper, no more headaches!

So, now with a new release of the Nonprofit Success Pack, what new things can existing users expect to see?

Here are the top 4 things you need to know:

Engagement Plans

Engagement Plans are just that: plans which include a set of tasks and reminders that help you better engage with your constituents.

A great example for using this new functionality is building a plan for engaging your major donors. These donors (your bread and butter) require a much deeper level of engagement compared to other constituents.

Using engagement plans, you could put together something like this:

Engagment Plan

Other use cases can include creating engagement plans for communicating with and rewarding volunteers, applying for grants, client management or sponsor management.

These activities will be set up as tasks to be completed by a scheduled date, so you can make sure that you’re engaging at the right time. The engagement plans can either be triggered manually or they can be automated when used with levels (which we’ll get to shortly). You can even set up engagement plan templates so you don’t have to recreate the engagement plan each time. Now that’s magic right there!


Levels allow you to define tiers for your supporters using any criteria you require. You could set up levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold based on the total amount of donations given or the number of volunteer hours worked. You can set ranges to define qualifies for each tier.

Once levels have been configured, a nightly batch job runs to automatically calculate whether the contact qualifies for the next level or if they should stay where they are.

When used in conjunction with engagement plans, you can automatically trigger an engagement plan when a constituent reaches the next or a particular level. Isn’t automation wonderful!

Major Gift Enhancements

As the Grant Deadline object can be used for both Grants and Major Gifts, this object has been renamed to “Deliverables” which makes it more flexible for use in either scenario. The fields on this object have also been renamed so they are no longer grant-specific.

New fields have been added to the Opportunity object:

  • Ask Date
  • Closed Lost Reason
  • Gift Strategy

A new page layout for Major Gifts has also been included to get you underway.

Lightning Ready

The NPSP is built on Salesforce lightning, so you can work faster and smarter with Lightning’s modern interface and intelligent user experience.

How do I Get These Awesome New Features?

Great news! If you already have NPSP version 3 installed, you are already on the Nonprofit Success Pack and you can start taking advantage of these new features right away. It is not a separate release, it’s simply a part of the regular updates to NPSP version 3.

If you are not on NPSP version 3, feel free to contact us for a plan on upgrading and moving forward to take advantage of the power of the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Not sure which version you have? Check out this great post on how to check which version of NPSP you are currently using on the Power of Us Hub.

What’s next?

If you’re currently using the Nonprofit Success Pack and need help with configuration? Or are you looking to take advantage of the power of the NPSP and the platform and need guidance on implementation? Contact us today and say hello via email or phone 02 8090 1478!

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