Driving Donations

5 simple ideas to increase your donations

Recently I was discussing donation pages with one of our customers and we touched on what helps make one Donation Page better than others.

Based on our discussions and research did you know:

  • 8 out of 10 donation pages are not mobile friendly – that equates to 84% of charities across Australia
  • It takes someone 6 seconds to make a decision
  • In 2013, 50% of PayPal donations came from Australia. I in 4 were mobile donations

That is some interesting statistics. How many times has someone been to your donation page and left within 6 seconds because it is too hard? I know I have personally done that.


So what can you do to change this? Here are 5 simple ideas that can make a big difference:

  1. Less is more – keep to one page and giving too many options on your donation page can backfire
  2. Make it easy – think from the donors perspective, make sure it is mobile responsive (76% people open emails on phone)
  3. Chunk the content – use a wizard format to ensure you get the detail you need but keep it simple at the same time
  4. Be safe – ensure you can demonstrate that you are PCI compliant and have measures in place for spam/phishing attacks
  5. Be grateful – don’t start your thank you page with “Thank You”. Acknowledge your donors and what can be achieved because of their donations and support.

Lastly, don’t forget we live in a connected and engaged world. Ensure your supporters can share on Social Media and you stay connected with them on whichever channel they choose.

The above may seem like simple ideas but they will ensure you are engaged with your supporters and delivering the best experience that will encourage donations and engaged supporters.

Going to the FIA conference in Melbourne? Drop by the Salesforce.Org Zone Stand (28) at the FIA conference and let’s have a chat about how we can help optimise your donations page and process or say hello via email or phone 02 8090 1478.


Time to stop Phishing!

We’re all aware of the various Phishing scams out there. If I had a dollar for every time I received an email about a rich Uncle of mine who had died in another country, I wouldn’t need the millions of dollars he allegedly left me. The good news is we are fully aware of these type of scams and are very unlikely to respond to them.

As always the criminals are trying to stay one step ahead of us. We recently heard of a couple of Fundraising organisation’s that had a “bunch” of credit cards donations processed on their website that resulted in their bank threatening to shut their account. This is not an outcome that anyone wants.


We also received the following advice from iATS (an International Payment Gateway/Processor).

There has been a growing trend among thieves to use nonprofit organisations as a means of testing stolen credit card information by making small donations via online donation forms. You can protect your organisation from fraud by choosing an online payment processor that implements Fraud Protection Measures designed to foil these attempts. Examples of these measures include:
  • Address Verification Systems (AVS),
  • Bank Identification Number (BIN) Checking,
  • Card Verification Code Requirement Capability (CVV2),
  • Card Number Tumbling,
  • IP Blocking,
  • Minimum Transaction Limit and
  • Name Tumbling.

iATS Payments, a payment processor that specialises in services for nonprofits, has built these tools to be customisable for the needs of each individual organisation. You should always check with your online payment gateway or merchant services provider to see what fraud protection measures they offer.

The simplest way to stop the Phishing is to add a Captcha to your donation page. Whilst I am personally not a fan of Captcha it does serve a useful purpose and it is the easiest outcome if you are processing donations into Salesforce. I asked Causeview, one of our product partners, to add a Captcha to a testing donation form for Causeview and it took less time then it took me to write this blog.

So, keep this in mind if you want a quick fix to stop Phishing whilst maintaining your normal donation process.

To learn more about Causeview you can visit the Causeview website or watch the recorded webinar on our recent blog.

Driving transformation in Fundraising Relationships

Help! I want Salesforce for Fundraising but what now?

Earlier in October the Salesforce conference “Dreamforce” was held in San Francisco. This was a small affair with only 145,000 people registered which turned San Francisco into a sea of blue lanyards and Salesforce/Dreamforce backpacks and featured the Beach Boys in the main keynote. Yes that’s right the Beach Boys…


DF14 Crowd

This was the fourth Dreamforce that I attended and it always surprises me after each Dreamforce how I walk away with a different experience each time. This time we heard and saw some fantastic new products from Salesforce such as Lightning. I blogged on the Salesforce ANZ Blog about the launch of Salesforce1 Lightning, an exciting way to rapidly develop apps on the Salesforce1 platform which effectively makes all of us developers.

The other exciting opportunity for me this time was walking the Expo floor and talking to a lot of product companies and the varied solutions they have available for Salesforce customers. These ranged from solutions such as Drawloop, a document generation tool that allows Salesforce users to create rich documents and merge fields from Salesforce and all delivered natively inside Salesforce, to solutions like Birst, a BI and Analytics tool that can take multiple sources of data and provide rich analytics all within your Salesforce instance.

Driving transformation in Fundraising Relationships

But again this year was different because, with the recent announcement of the release of the Salesforce Foundation NGO Connect product for the US market, it was timely to find out more about the solutions that are available for our Not for Profit customers and I spent most of my time talking to product companies in the Salesforce Foundation Zone. There are some fantastic solutions available that handle everything for Fundraising/Donor Management organisation, such as Causeview and roundCause, others for Association Management, such as MemberNation from Fonteva, and Peer to Peer fundraising solutions such as Classy.

You may be not aware of some of these solutions and what they can do or you may be currently considering what you should do with your Salesforce instance and want to know more. The good news is that our next series of webinars will detail the  functionality of the various Fundraising and Association Management products that are available. We will be holding further webinars in the coming weeks on other solutions that we believe can help transform your Not For Profit organisation.

If you are interested in attending our webinars then sign up here or if you have any questions then drop us a note and we will see how we can help you.

Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack

Why the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack is a great place to start

Hands up if this is you. You love your job but spend your days swamped in spreadsheets, emails, post it notes and several systems that may not talk to each other. You are constantly asking “Why can’t things be simpler?” or “Why do I need to do these things which are stopping me doing my real job?” or “I hate needing to do the same thing in 3 different places”.


All the above can be resolved with time and money but when you’re a Not For Profit it means you need to focus on your organisation’s core requirements and some things get left behind.

Well the good news is your systems don’t need to be left behind any longer. What could you do if you had access to the leading CRM platform and could use this to manage your organisation and remove manual processes from your day to day working life? Implementing Salesforce is the first step towards achieving this.

One of the strengths of Salesforce is that about 80% of the configuration is carried out in using Point and Click – not code. This is a huge benefit for NFP’s as it means you can maintain and build our new processes easily without the need to engage a developer which in turn saves you money and time.

But you are asking “Where do I start?”. Well firstly if you haven’t applied for the Salesforce.com Foundation grant you need to go and complete the forms immediately. You will receive a grant covering the cost, for life, of the first 10 licenses and a significant discount for any further licenses.

The next thing you need to consider is how Salesforce can be used in your organisation. There are a range of Apps, think products, available on the Salesforce appExchange that will allow you to customise your Salesforce instance for your organisation.

The first app to consider is the Nonprofit Starter Pack. The Nonprofit Starter Pack is a group of five packages built by the Salesforce.com Foundation that can be installed on the Salesforce CRM platform.


Just think of Salesforce as a way to store loads of information about individuals, and the Nonprofit Starter Pack as a way to make each interaction with them more relevant to Not for Profit organisations by storing unique information on donors, members and more. The standard Salesforce.com platform (CRM) is designed to focus on business-to-business type organisations and not individuals which is not relevant for many Not for Profit organisations.

The Nonprofit Starter Pack configures Salesforce.com by customising the existing data model and adding extra functionality to focus on the needs of Not for Profit organisations. The Nonprofit starter pack is an essential way to get off the ground for many Not for Profit organisations. Each of the modules can be installed from the Salesforce appExchange.

Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack

Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack

What is included in the NonProfit Starter Pack?

  • Contacts & Organisations – Allows you to capture and record Individuals instead of Accounts and Contacts. This allows for donations to be captured against each individual’s record.
  • Householding - Allows for contacts to be grouped by their household, allowing you to see the household phone number and address details making mail-outs easy.This helps drive your segmentation and marketing focus across your database.
  • AffiliationsAllows you to track the relationships between contacts and organisations. This is a fantastic tool to allow you to see see employment histories and relationships with other organisations and people. You can now start seeing who your influencers are and who they interact with.
  • Relationships - Allows two contacts to be connected to show their current relationship status.
  • Recurring Donations – The name of the game is recurring donations and this module allows for scheduled donations to be created quickly from an Account or Contact, allowing you to see forecasting of donations.

All the above leverages the standard Salesforce functionalities which means you are getting the best platform with the best tools. There are several other apps and tools we recommend that will extend the use of Salesforce and enable you to run your operational activities on the Salesforce Platform.

If you want to know more we will be running a Webinars each month on how the Nonprofit starter pack can be used. This is a great way to understand how you can utilise Salesforce and the Starter Pack in your organisation. If you are interested then please sign up here.

We can also assist in setting up Salesforce for your organisation and we have a Quick Start offer that will enable you and your team to commence using Salesforce within weeks. Contact us if you want to know more.

And one last thing. The Salesforce Community is another strong reason to consider Salesforce as your solution. From the online success community to local user groups, including Not For Profit user groups, there is someone out there who can help you resolve any question you may have. So please make sure you join your local Salesforce Nonprofit Usergroup to learn more about how you can get the most from Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack.