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MemberNation – A whole new world for Associations

Our lives never stay the same so why should the technology we use? Surely it should always be evolving and provide a better experience. The good news is that apps built on the Salesforce Platform are constantly being upgraded with new features and enhancements being provided in each release. But what if it is time for a bigger change?

MemberNation, a membership app built entirely on the Salesforce platform, is one of those apps that is releasing the new version that has so many new features it is hard to list.

So what is the next best thing? How about watching the recording of our recent Webinar showcasing the new update to MemberNation.


In case you want a breakdown of what MemberNation provides here are the highlights:

  • Full Membership Lifecycle including renewals
  • Events Management for simple and complex, multi day/session/location, Events
  • Communities Portals for Members to self service and manage their account and renewals
  • Access “out of the box” to over 80 payment gateways globally
  • eStore functionality allowing organisations to sell any goods via their own online store.
  • Forums via the Community portal
  • Create, Managing and track Committees all within the app
  • Realtime Donation processing
  • Streamlined workflows using the power of the Salesforce platform
  • Reporting and Dashboards providing insights for your orgainsation
  • And the main thing – Providing one view of all interactions with your members in one place

How does your existing Membership Management tool stack up?

Reach out and drop us a note or give us a call (61 2 8090 1478) if you want to know more about MemberNation and how Morphate can help you.

If you are attending the Associations ForumNational Conference in Adelaide then drop by the Salesforce Foundation Booth (7) and have a chat with Andrew Hill and the team about how you can leverage Salesforce and apps like MemberNation in your Association.

Embrace Change

Driving change and success with Salesforce and Causeview

Embrace Change

Making a decision to move your core Supporter Systems is not something any organisation does lightly, especially if you have an important Fundraising event on the horizon. For Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (SCHF) the question wasn’t should we do it, it was why can’t we do it. The challenge was… can we do this within 3 months?

In December 2014 SCHF met with us to discuss their options of moving onto the Salesforce platform. SCHF were drowning in manual processes, spreadsheets and a system that wasn’t providing any value to their organisation. They wanted and needed technology that allowed them to capture donations from various sources (Website, Community, during Events etc) in a timely basis. There were a few choices of products on the Salesforce platform and SCHF turned to Morphate to provide our recommendation. We dived into the Morphate Toolkit and Causeview was recommended as the best fit for the current and future requirements.

As we have previously blogged, Causeview has a lot of functionality that allows organisations to manage their supporters, events, volunteers, community fundraising, online donations etc etc etc.  In February the implementation element of the project kicked off and SCHF were on the way to the new world with Causeview and Salesforce.

We, SCHF and Morphate, had our work cut out for us. Our challenge was to ensure the solution was live and could support the live televised, Gold Telethon on 8th June. This meant we had three months to be live.. a tough ask but we, both Morphate and SCHF, knew we could do it.

You may ask “why were you so confident?” simply because the groundwork had been set months before we kicked off the project.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Projects, no matter what size, are successful when you have a Change Management strategy embedded from the start. For SCHF this was before Morphate was engaged. As Jo Price, IT Systems Manager at SCHF, said

The basis of our change management strategy was to keep the whole team involved throughout the whole project from recording current business process and listening and acting on their ideas for improvements, scoping to testing to training and going live.  

So, when it came to the Telethon, SCHF were on top of their game and had the right tools to support them on the day. What impact did this have? Jo Price said,

The biggest successes we have had by implementing Salesforce with Causeview has been the time savings, data accuracy and better reporting tools to enable us to better manage our supporters.

Apart from peer to peer fundraising, our donations all feed directly into our Salesforce and Causeview in real time. We no longer download and then upload donations, and we can get real time updates on fundraising dollars.  This was extremely successful for our annual Telethon, we were able to pull reports showing donations every 10minutes to update the live broadcast dollars raised.

We have also seen huge time savings with our Recurring donors – this whole process is now automated.  We can now focus on proactively calling these supporters and managing our relationship with them.

I, like many, watched the Telethon as Causeview and Salesforce was stress tested throughout the day with all donations being processed in real time and over $5.2million in monies raised. It was great knowing SCHF knew exactly what their donations were at any point in time during the day.


Telethon Call

It is important to note that the solution wasn’t implemented solely for the Telethon, this is the core Supporter solution for SCHF and Salesforce and Causeview is embedded across the entire organisation. Every interaction with a supporter is captured and allows the team to have meaningful conversations with their supporters with each interaction.

SCHF Leanne Warner

Change and Technology solutions go hand in hand. We’ve all seen those projects which “implement” a solution without a supported Change Management Strategy and result in low adoption, no improvement in process or supporter engagement.

Leanne Warner, CEO of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, said

Working with Morphate to implement Salesforce has renewed my faith in the possibility of adding great new technology without it destroying your business at the same time.

It is important that the NFP select an outstanding IT Systems project manager to guide the vendor and carefully change manage expectations internally, but you have to be happy if your vendor turns out to be a really great business partner who cares about great outcomes.

Sure we encountered hurdles and frustrations, but Morphate took responsibility to ensure that we were successful with our roll out and I have confidence that they will continue to help to support us on an ongoing basis.

As a team we are all proud of what we have accomplished over the past 5 months and we have learnt a lot along the way that will help others to be successful. We all know that Salesforce is the best CRM product available in the Sector today, and if you want the system to add the most value it can, I would recommend that you speak to Morphate and start scoping!

The team at Morphate are here to help you with your project regardless of how small or big it is. Reach out and drop us a note or give us a call (61 2 8090 1478).] and let’s talk about transforming your organisation with Technology for Good.

Wind Back The Clock

Causeview + Salesforce = Love for Not for Profits!

If we wind back the clock to the not too distant past you will remember the “Green Screens”systems that we all used because there were no other options. Capturing data was painful and then when you tried to get insights into your customers/supporters behaviour it was.. well let’s face it we couldn’t because that functionality didn’t exist.

It’s not acceptable anymore so why continue? It’s time to innovate and the good news is that this doesn’t need to be the case anymore.

Recently we held a Webinar showing how Organisations can use Salesforce and Causeview to manage their fundraising, Volunteers, Events Management and create communities for their supporters.

As you will see from the webinar recording utilising solutions like Causeview allows you to manage your everyday functions such as Donor Management and Regular Giving. But hang on, you can also leverage the power of the Salesforce1 Platform to extend this to undertake functions such as segmentation of your supporters and building campaigns to deliver personalised communications.

But wait there’s more.. what if you could use Causeview to create and manage your events from selling tickets online and manually to the follow up post event? What if you wanted a solution to manage volunteers including open roles, applications and placements? The good news is that Causeview delivers this!

Causeview is just one of the products we recommend, we have solutions regardless of your size and complexity and something to fit everyone’s budget. Below is a comparison of the leading Not For Profit applications available on the Salesforce1 platform.

If you are interested in finding out more about the available products for Not For Profits or how Morphate can help you please drop us a note or give us a call (61 2 8090 1478).

Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack

Why the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack is a great place to start

Hands up if this is you. You love your job but spend your days swamped in spreadsheets, emails, post it notes and several systems that may not talk to each other. You are constantly asking “Why can’t things be simpler?” or “Why do I need to do these things which are stopping me doing my real job?” or “I hate needing to do the same thing in 3 different places”.


All the above can be resolved with time and money but when you’re a Not For Profit it means you need to focus on your organisation’s core requirements and some things get left behind.

Well the good news is your systems don’t need to be left behind any longer. What could you do if you had access to the leading CRM platform and could use this to manage your organisation and remove manual processes from your day to day working life? Implementing Salesforce is the first step towards achieving this.

One of the strengths of Salesforce is that about 80% of the configuration is carried out in using Point and Click – not code. This is a huge benefit for NFP’s as it means you can maintain and build our new processes easily without the need to engage a developer which in turn saves you money and time.

But you are asking “Where do I start?”. Well firstly if you haven’t applied for the Foundation grant you need to go and complete the forms immediately. You will receive a grant covering the cost, for life, of the first 10 licenses and a significant discount for any further licenses.

The next thing you need to consider is how Salesforce can be used in your organisation. There are a range of Apps, think products, available on the Salesforce appExchange that will allow you to customise your Salesforce instance for your organisation.

The first app to consider is the Nonprofit Starter Pack. The Nonprofit Starter Pack is a group of five packages built by the Foundation that can be installed on the Salesforce CRM platform.


Just think of Salesforce as a way to store loads of information about individuals, and the Nonprofit Starter Pack as a way to make each interaction with them more relevant to Not for Profit organisations by storing unique information on donors, members and more. The standard platform (CRM) is designed to focus on business-to-business type organisations and not individuals which is not relevant for many Not for Profit organisations.

The Nonprofit Starter Pack configures by customising the existing data model and adding extra functionality to focus on the needs of Not for Profit organisations. The Nonprofit starter pack is an essential way to get off the ground for many Not for Profit organisations. Each of the modules can be installed from the Salesforce appExchange.

Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack

Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack

What is included in the NonProfit Starter Pack?

  • Contacts & Organisations – Allows you to capture and record Individuals instead of Accounts and Contacts. This allows for donations to be captured against each individual’s record.
  • Householding - Allows for contacts to be grouped by their household, allowing you to see the household phone number and address details making mail-outs easy.This helps drive your segmentation and marketing focus across your database.
  • AffiliationsAllows you to track the relationships between contacts and organisations. This is a fantastic tool to allow you to see see employment histories and relationships with other organisations and people. You can now start seeing who your influencers are and who they interact with.
  • Relationships - Allows two contacts to be connected to show their current relationship status.
  • Recurring Donations – The name of the game is recurring donations and this module allows for scheduled donations to be created quickly from an Account or Contact, allowing you to see forecasting of donations.

All the above leverages the standard Salesforce functionalities which means you are getting the best platform with the best tools. There are several other apps and tools we recommend that will extend the use of Salesforce and enable you to run your operational activities on the Salesforce Platform.

If you want to know more we will be running a Webinars each month on how the Nonprofit starter pack can be used. This is a great way to understand how you can utilise Salesforce and the Starter Pack in your organisation. If you are interested then please sign up here.

We can also assist in setting up Salesforce for your organisation and we have a Quick Start offer that will enable you and your team to commence using Salesforce within weeks. Contact us if you want to know more.

And one last thing. The Salesforce Community is another strong reason to consider Salesforce as your solution. From the online success community to local user groups, including Not For Profit user groups, there is someone out there who can help you resolve any question you may have. So please make sure you join your local Salesforce Nonprofit Usergroup to learn more about how you can get the most from Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack.