The (Salesforce) Lightning Chronicles

Can I have a show of hands – Ok who loves Salesforce Lightning? It’s pretty cool what you can do in Lightning isn’t it!!

Now keep you hand up if you have considered the migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning? How many of you have actually made the move? It was pretty easy wasn’t it? Well the reality is for most organisations and customers it isn’t easy and there is a lot that you need to consider before making the move.

During Dreamforce I was chatting with some fellow Salesforce MVP’s about the migration and how you need to plan and manage the migration. During that conversation, and one in particular with Rachel Rogers, we were saying wouldn’t it be great if we had some guidance to ensure the migration was a success. That’s when Rachel said – “Hang on! We’re doing that right now. Why don’t we publish a blog series about the journey and how you can manage it”.

Welcome to The (Salesforce) Lightning Chronicles!! This series will provide you with insights into how to manage your migration to Lightning. As we proceed through the journey the blog will become more technical but it starts with planning and the change management elements that are often missed in most projects.

But first let me introduce Rachel.

Rachel Rogers says she doesn’t just think outside the box; she lost the box entirely 10 years ago when she started working with Salesforce.

Rachel is a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Houston Salesforce User Group Leader, Creator of the HUG Gives Back Program, Dreamforce Speaker, and three-year Salesforce MVP. Rachel enjoys thinking about ‘what ifs’ and turning them into tangible solutions. Her passion is helping organisations leverage technology and training to enhance their business processes.

In addition to all the above Rachel is also the Sr. IT Manager at BMC Software overseeing their Global Salesforce Roadmap, Salesforce Governance and Release Schedules.

Rachel Rogers

We hope you find the series useful and it helps you as you migrate and start using Lightning. We will be publishing a new post every two weeks to share our Lightning journey.

You can find the first blog in the series here – The Uber Early Steps



Ever ask yourself if you should be Certified (in Salesforce)?

Have you found yourself in this situation? You have been designated as the Salesforce Administrator and have been using Salesforce for some time but not really confident that you are doing it right. Or sometimes you update something that breaks another area and cannot work out why it broke. In frustration you’ve said out loud “If only there was somewhere I could go to check I am doing it right!”.


There are a couple of places you can go to get help. The first place is the Salesforce Success Community or the Power of Us Hub (for Not for Profit customers). These communities are full of people, just like yourself, who ask questions and can get them answered by other users who are experts. It’s one of the key places to learn about Salesforce and leverage the fantastic knowledge base that is available.

Whilst the Salesforce Success Communities are one source you should also utilise Salesforce Training to provide a formal education around all things Salesforce. Training courses are available on-line and face to face and range from Administrator training to Developer, Advanced Developer and Technical Architect. You can even become certified in each of these paths which makes you more valuable to your company and customers, and gives you that piece of mind you may be missing.

I know there are a bunch of people out there using Salesforce and who have never sat a certification, and yes I hate to say it but I am one of them. In my case things always got in the way before I could sit the exam. But wouldn’t it be great if there were a way for some of us to spend some time together in let’s say a study group and work through some exercises over several weeks and then take the certification exam.

Well guess what…. now there is!

Deepa Patel, a fellow Salesforce MVP, set up a Certification Study group on the Salesforce Success Community last year and has been beavering away with some of the Salesforce MVP’s running the study group. The study group has been a fantastic success with numerous participants gaining their certification after undertaking the study group exercises.


The group has been such a success it has grown to the UK and it is now available for Australia and New Zealand with Alek (from Morphate) being the ANZ Group Leader.

So if you have a minimum of 6 months experience with Salesforce and want to gain your certification join the Salesforce Certification Study Group and Alek will connect with you in the group and add you to the applicable study track. Please make sure you update your Success Community profile with a picture, proper First Name, Last Name and Company Name. All four have to be visible so we know who you are and we will provide access to the group. 

But you better hurry up as the first round of the study group will be kicking off in the next few weeks.What have you got to lose?

Help spread the word and let’s drive the Salesforce Certifications across Australia and New Zealand to an all time high!