4 benefits of running your nonprofit on Salesforce

What you can do with Salesforce is pretty mind-blowing. From Einstein analytics and Artificial Intelligence to building custom apps and predictive marketing, it can be overwhelming to get your head around the technology that’s becoming available.

Some of the biggest brands in the world are building their businesses on Salesforce. Coca-Cola, AMEX, CGU Insurance, Service NSW and Spotify are leading the way in customer service, automation, and predictive analytics.

It’s unsurprising, then, that many Nonprofits don’t consider Salesforce for their fundraising and program management, believing it’s either not fit-for-purpose, going to be too expensive, or completely overkill for what they need.

They assume Salesforce is for enterprise organisations that operate at massive scale, have huge budgets, and expensive IT teams. So what makes anyone think Salesforce is suited to the specific needs of Nonprofits?

The fact is, a growing number of big and small, traditional and start-up Nonprofit organisations are moving their operations to Salesforce. Here are just four benefits organisations just like yours are finding out Salesforce has over traditional fundraising platforms.

1. Salesforce has a purpose-built tool just for you: the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Salesforce has invested heavily in the NPSP, turning the world’s #1 CRM platform into the world’s #1 platform for the connected Nonprofit, AND are gifting it to you, along with your first 10 user licenses. Take a look…


The Nonprofit Success Pack offers everything Salesforce is renowned for; powerful automation, best-in-class data security, point-and-click configuration, 3 free upgrades each year, and smooth integration – but with the addition of specific modules addressing your Nonprofit needs. The NPSP allows Nonprofits of any size to run their organisations better and engage more deeply with constituents–and ultimately advance their missions. Specific modules include:

Salesforce won’t just handle your fundraising but provides a platform for programs and services, marketing automation, events and more.

The Salesforce ‘Power of Us’ program not only offers registered NFPs 10 donated subscriptions but deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products and services from Salesforce.

2. The Training and Customer Community is second to none

With Trailhead, Salesforce has made learning your new CRM fun. Trailmixes allow you to customise learning paths for your users based on their needs, and Trailhead Tracker gives admins and managers the ability to assign, track and report on the team’s learning progress.

Each year, Salesforce holds a number of roundtable events and conferences where Nonprofit customers come together to brainstorm new ideas, from which new functionality is built for future releases. This ensures that the NPSP keeps improving based on customer feedback and industry trends, at a rapid rate.

3. Salesforce gives you flexibility and options

Salesforce has over 3000 business apps to choose from on the AppExchange, giving you the flexibility to choose between a range of tools to enhance your system. For example, marketing automation, from Autopilot to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you get to choose the best tool for your budget and needs. You aren’t stuck with what your platform provides out of the box, nor pay for expensive integration to get your data into one a central source.

4. Mobile first CRM

Run your nonprofit from your phone, tablet, desktop- anywhere you like with the Salesforce1 MobileApp. Now you can get all the vital information you need fast, wherever you go. View your whole day at a glance, drive quicker decisions with real-time data from dashboards and reports, and stay up to date with your team’s activities.

Don’t get left behind

With Salesforce, you get more than just the world’s #1 CRM platform. You also join 25,000+ nonprofits and a massive community of experts and evangelists committed to your success. Many of Australia’s leading NFPs, big and small, are using Salesforce to power their organisation. These are just a handful of those we have worked with over the last few years.


Interested? Contact us for a chat – [email protected] and find out why Salesforce should be your next Nonprofit CRM.


Morphate is a Silver Consulting Partner with Salesforce, implementing innovative solutions for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.
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