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A cloud-based, flexible and automated CRM system to manage all aspects of the cattery - intake, adoptions, fundraising and memberships, veterinary care and the shop.

“…Morphate understood exactly what we wanted to achieve”

Carol Hanna from the Cat Protection Society NSW talks about partnering up with Morphate, the project and the outstanding benefits to the organisation.


Project details

Project: Brand new Salesforce set up to manage the end to end operations of this amazing Nonprofit.
Client: Cat Protection Society NSW

About The Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc.

Cat Protection began in 1958 as a group of people dedicated to reducing the number of stray cats by desexing and finding loving and responsible homes for street cats. Over the years, they have grown and now operate a limited admission, no-kill shelter.

Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc Vision

Every cat has a loving and responsible home

Every year Cat Protection re-home about 1,000 cats and kittens, assist with the desexing of 2,000 cats, reunite lost cats with their people and also provide information and advice on feline care and welfare to more than 5,000 human clients.

  • 1846 members
  • 150 volunteers
  • 28 paid staff (full time and part time)
  • 5,000 human clients each year
  • 3,000 feline clients each year
  • $2m pa operating expenses

In consultation with staff and management, it was identified that there was a need for a CRM system that would allow Cat Protection to:

  1. Develop a custom built cattery management system
  2. Streamline processes and procedures internally
  3. Ensure all information is stored in a central location and easily accessible
  4. Track and effectively manage key relationships (customers, volunteers, donors and members)
  5. Track and effectively manage cats and kittens while they are waiting for their forever homes
  6. Track both quantitative and qualitative measures in line with our strategic plan (desexing numbers, referrals, surrenders, adoptions)
  7. Create a searchable database of key health and behaviour indicators to provide a resource for shelter health research

Cat Protection researched a number of different CRM software options that would be able to accommodate their specific requirements and choose Salesforce. They then approached and interviewed a number of vendors with their list of requirements, and Morphate was chosen as the preferred provider.

Phase one implementations included:

  • Configure a cattery management system accessed through Salesforce on desktop and Salesforce1 by cattery staff
  • Custom built inquiry process flow. This allows staff to take inquiry details and track the number of calls they receive and the reasons people are calling
  • Streamlining online donation and membership forms through one system as well as implementing online adoption and surrender questionnaires through the Salesforce system
  • NPSP for cattery management and donor & member management and engagement

Since the implementation of Salesforce in mid-2016, Cat Protection is still in the process of refining their current data and also entering in their historical data.

However, they have been able to:

  • Increase and streamline basic administration processes. Salesforce and SF1 are used in the tracking of all cats and kittens from the moment they enter the building until they are adopted. Going online has dramatically removed the need for 60-65% of the paperwork previously used
  • Cat Protection is able to accurately count and capture inquiry data from all phone calls
  • Cat Protection trialled a lapsed members campaign via email through Salesforce. 22% of members renewed
  • Cat Protection is now able to easily share and exchange vital information on cat and kitten health. By giving their vet access to Salesforce, they can get cat health updates, access to x-rays and other important information in real time

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